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A Sharp Advantage Safety Products Seat insert is used in conjuction with your standard racing seat.  There is little to no modification needed from your current setup to use one of our inserts.  Our process provides you with a custom fit, energy absorbing, lightweight insert that will provide added protection in the case of impact as well as added comfort in the race car.  The insert is manufactured to be removable from the existing seat and can be used in multiple seats as long as dimensions and specs are the same. This allows for easy cleaning or use in another racecar.  The process in which to obtain such an insert is a multi-step process which is explained below in detail.  If you have further questions about the process or how you could benefit from having a custom insert, please contact us via the contact page.     


Step 1 - This step is the most important part of the customization process.  During this step, the seat insert is preparred by mixing the energy absorbing foam with a gluing agent inside of a sealable bag.  Upon completion of the mixing, the bag is placed into the seat and any voids are filled.  Once the voids are filled and enough of the foam is moved around within the bag, the driver positions himself in the seat and gets comfortable. The bag is left in place as the driver gently exits. The bag  sits with a vacuum pump attached overnight until the glue hardens allowing it to maintain the shape and position of the driver.   

Step 2 - In this step, the two part mixture has hardened and the excess material is removed.  Once the rough cut is performed, the driver will sit in the insert and make sure he is comfortable and able to move his arms through the entire driving motion.  The seat belt holes are marked in the correct location and the insert may need to be cut into two pieces to be removed without damage. If possible the insert can be lifted straight up and out and no cuts are made to the insert.  After the insert is removed the seat belt holes are cut and the remaining bag material is removed.  The insert is put back in with the driver in to make sure the belts are correct and the final fit is comfortable.      

Step 3 - This is the final step of the custom insert process.  In this step, the entire insert is covered with a soft cloth tape to protect it from dirt, oil, water, and sweat.  Once that process is complete, the front part of the seat is covered with an SFI rated fire resistant cloth.