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ABOUT sharp advantage


Sharp Advantage Safety Products was founded by owner Dave Sharpley in 2003 to bring a new level of safety to the sport of sprint car racing. Sharp Advantage Safety Products specializes in building the most professional, custom-fit, high impact safety seat inserts that are used in addition to the standard aluminum or carbon seat of your choice.  Our knowledgeable staff uses the most advanced materials to produce a custom fitted seat insert made from high impact, energy absorbing, crushable foam. Our custom fitted seat insert is cut into no more than two pieces to allow for easy installation and removal when cleaning or to be used in another seat.

The priority at Sharp Advantage Safety Products is to bring the next level of safety to our clients while being unrivaled in customer service because we are passionate about advancing the safety for our customers and the future of racing. Our seat inserts and the products we manufacture are designed and proven to be safer in the unfortunate event that safety devices are needed.  Results have consistently shown that having a custom fitted seat insert within your existing seat provides a layer of protection around your body that upon impact absorbs energy and disperses it evenly over the driver’s entire body rather than concentrating on a single area. Because of this, our Sharp Advantage Safety Products Custom Fitted Seat Insert decreases the risk of back and neck injuries in the event of an impact.

Sharp Advantage Safety Products are being used by drivers from the United States, Australia and New Zealand who compete in sprint cars, late models, GoKarts, Outlaw karts, quarter midgets and micro sprints.   

If you have additional questions or need more information, fill out the form on our contact page.  


Paul McMahan

Why I chose Sharp Advantage >

Paul McMahan 2020.jfif

"If you are going to race any type of racecar, Sharp Advantage Safety Products are a must have.  I have raced for over 25 years and after I got a Sharp Advantage Safety Products insert, I couldn't believe how much better I felt in my racecar.  It fills all the voids between your body and the seat that you don't feel and I feel a lot more comfortable and safe in my seat.  Dave and Tina feel like all racers are part of their family and want to make sure we are all safe doing what we love."

Paul McMahan

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