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"After I fractured and compressed 2 vertebrae in the spring of 2002 from a relatively easy flip in Albuquerque NM, I had a lot of time to think about how it happened. Dave was a good friend of mine from Indy and he started suggesting trying to use a poured IndyCar style seat in a sprint car. We talked about it and planned it out. We poured the first one in the winter of 2002. I have not raced in a seat without a Sharp Advantage seat insert since! Not only is it by far the most comfortable way to sit in a seat, it is the safest! Fact is its impossible to make an aluminum or composite seat fit a human body. Without an insert there are voids in the seat because they don't fit each driver. Also when the lower frame rails hit the ground in a crash the only thing to absorb energy is your vertebrae. With a Sharp Advantage Insert you know the seat will fit you perfectly which makes you more comfortable and also safer! Technology has evolved to not only make the process easier but with longer lasting materials. There are several other options available on the market that try to do the same thing....they don't! Sharp Advantage Safety Products is the only company that uses the latest technology and best materials to make the safest insert on the market! Remember you get what you pay for and its hard to put a price on your safety. I am very passionate about this because I have suffered from a back injury and I hate to see drivers get injured from something that is preventable! "


—  Daryn Pittman, Owner of Ultra Shield Race Products

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