At Sharp Advantage Safety Products, we specialize in building the most professional, custom-fit, high impact safe seat inserts that are designed to be used in a standard aluminum or carbon seat chosen from the manufacturer of your choice.  We offer a knowledgeable staff that uses the latest and lightest materials to produce an insert that is made from high impact, energy absorbing, crushable foam.

The energy absorbing foam insert is removable from the existing seat for easy washing or to be used in another seat. The seat is cut in no more than two pieces for easy do it yourself removal and cleaning after each event. Your seat becomes more comfortable because it now is form-fitted to you and your particuliar body shape.  Instead of the seat touching your body in only a few areas, the custom fitted insert allows your seat to touch your body in all covered areas.  This maximizes comfort and everyone knows, you go faster when you are comfortable.


But most importantly, and the main reason we started Sharp Advantage Safety Products is because we knew that we could bring a new level of safety to the sport of sprint car racing. Our first priority is always bringing the next level of safety while being untouched in customer service. This is because we care about sprint car racing and the future of the sport. Our insert and the products we use were designed and proven to be safer in the unfortunate event that safety devices are needed.  The custom fitted insert allows the driver's body to make full contact with every part of the seat which means your shoulders, back, buttocks and rib cage are all supported evenly across the entire surface area of the seat. You now have a layer of protection around your body that upon impact absorbs energy and disperses it evenly throughout the body instead of concentrating it on a single area.  Results have consistently shown that when a seat with a custom fitted insert, that is contoured to your existing body shape, is used in your existing seat, that displacement of the body's energy in an impact situation is now properly distributed over the driver’s entire body. Because of this, our Sharp Advantage Safety Products Custom Fitted Insert will decrease the risk of back and neck injuries in the event of an impact.

You can see Sharp Advantage Safety Products being used in competition by drivers at all events with the World of Outlaws and All-Star Circuit of Champions this season.  For more information on how you can get Sharp Advantage Safety Products, visit our contact page and fill out the form.

"Improved Safety and more comfort"

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